Welcome RV Enthusiasts!

Introducing the BP Conversions Bumper Pull Converter!

BPConversions would like to introduce to you a product that will change what you thought was possible with your new or existing RV.  We have taken the bumper pull trailers and converted them to the stable pull of a fifth wheel design. The unit makes no permanent alterations to the bumper pull design. It is as simple as bolting on the mounting brackets, pinning the conversion in place, push up to lock the 2-5/16” ball into the receiver hitch, plug in the trailers existing wiring harness and you are ready to go. The conversion comes fully wired. Of course, a goose neck coupler installed into your pickup truck is required to make the connection to the conversion.


Just think, you now have the diversity of having a single, level living area in your RV with the stable pull of a fifth wheel. This type of pull relieves the concerns when pulling tandem, eliminating whip at the end of your trailer, resulting in a much smoother experience.


The BP Conversions bumper pull converter is not just for the RV. It can be adapted to all types of bumper pull trailers. Lowboy utility, horse trailers and much more.


And remember, there are no modifications to the existing trailer. No welding required. Best part, you can remove the conversion and use it on any trailer you desire. In some case’s depending on the trailer manufacture, a change in the ball size may be needed. No problem. You want a new RV, same thing, this conversion will fit almost any bumper pull RVs. Pop it off the old, put it on the new.


Ask about us at your local RV or trailer distributor and visit us on Facebook for all of the latest updates.


Our inventory is limited. Most because we are a small company. So once you place your order it can vary as to when it ships. We try to get them out the door in about 3 weeks. Some could go longer if our sales go up. We are committed to our customers, we will do everything to gain your trust.