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Important Shipping Info!

We offer a flat rate of $650 for shipping. This price does not include residential delivery or a lift gate. If the destination requires a liftgate or the customer asks for one, there will be an additional $250 charge to the shipping price. When determining shipping destinations remember, our pallet is 10’ long and weighs in excess of 500 lbs. A forklift or front-end loader will be required. It will not fit on a “tommie lift”. Some residential deliveries are not applicable. Having a business with a loading dock or with the mentioned resources is recommended. The nearest freight terminal is also an option. They can load the pallet on your 12’ or larger lowboy trailer. Please keep these necessary steps in mind when ordering.

 When ordering, contact us so we can evaluate the type of hitch you have. This way we can get the right mounting brackets in your order.

Anyone can be a member. Receive $100 for each referral resulting in a sale of one of our conversions*. Simply give us your name, address and the name of the potential customer. If that person calls, makes a purchase and mentions your name, BAM! Instant CASH in your pocket. If you are a current member of the BPC Family, you could even make enough to pay for your conversion.
*sales thru dealers do not apply

Our Dealers
(Dealer prices will vary)