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Andy C.

"We have a 2016 F350 Dually that we use to pull a stacker trailer with two 3000# race cars. With being a stacker it is very high and short with an all up weight of around 23,000 pounds loaded with tools, cars and including the truck. When everything was loaded up in the trailer having the original bumper pull configuration this rig was an absolute nightmare to tow. 55 mph was really energy sapping to maintain and every time a semi came past I was fighting with the rig to keep it in the correct lane. Changing lanes was horrible as I could not get the speed up to keep up with traffic to merge. I’ve tried just about every anti sway and levelling hitch on the market and maybe… maybe got another 5mph out of the rig for the same level of stress. I was looking at changing the whole trailer for a goose neck which would be at least a $50K endeavor to keep the quality the same for the trailer internals and finish. I tried to find a company to convert my trailer to gooseneck to no avail. Sound familiar?

When I saw this conversion I was skeptical that it would be heavy duty enough for what I was doing but called Mike and was reassured it would be so I make the purchase. THIS IS THE BEST MONEY I HAVE EVER SPENT!!!

The rig now tows superbly. I may even go as far as saying that it pulls better than a regular gooseneck as the tongue weight is a bit lower but still sufficient. You can take your hands of the wheel at 80 MPH and the rig tracks straight with no sway.

Regarding my original concerns about strength. Think of this device as an extension of the hitch on the towing vehicle and not as an extension of the trailer. The trailer is built such that its bumper pull hitch is well within the trailer’s capacity and Mike’s device extends the truck’s towing bracket and maintains and exceeds the truck’s towing hitch’s capacity. When you connect the two nothing changes on the trailer and its bumper pull hitch is still well within capacity. When you see Mike’s conversion in the flesh you will be left in no doubt that it is way stronger than the original hitch on the truck and the complete setup is safe."


Brad O. from Texas

"The BP Conversion made pulling my bumper pull trailer pull with ease. No more trailer sway and no more bouncing of the trailer going down the road. I got better fuel mileage and overall it has made pulling my bumper pull relaxing to me and not stressful. Awesome product. I would recommend it to anyone with a bumper pull trailer."

Matt T. from Texas

"First long trek with my new BPC gooseneck was a huge success. We drove an hour to Pedernales Falls State Park and never once had to fight my camper on the road. It is now a pleasure towing my 9K lb Sport Trek! The new challenge is adjusting to turning and parking which is different with the hitch now relocated over my axle. Many fellow campers stopped to inquire about my BPC gooseneck as it is so new to the RV market.

I was considering trading in my camper for a light fifth wheel but now can keep the Sport Trek we like and save lots of money to boot. I highly recommend a BPC gooseneck for anyone who’s fed up with constantly battling their bumper pull camper."

David M.

"BP Conversions is an excellent addition to our Open Range RV. After having the conversion installed I drove the RV home 118 miles and it was the easiest pulling experience I have ever had with any of the RV's I have owned. The trailer tracked perfect with no sway and I was able to travel the speed limit with ease. We are ready for our next adventure now!! Thank you BP Conversions!!!!"

Alta Owenby B.

"Just took our first trip after conversion and we are so happy. We installed ourselves, with a couple of moral support phone calls to BP, and it as very easy. Very nice experience from first phone call, delivery and our installation. Thank you BP Conversions from Arizona."

Russell D. from Arizona

"I have a 34' toyhauler, this conversions stablizes my trailer giving better control of my beast."

Carl B. from Louisiana

"One of the best darn things I ever bought. Makes my trailer behave. I recommend it highly."

Nathon A.

"I highly recommend I have one myself."

John Martin V.


Julie & Gary D. from Texas

"Great product! Very Happy with our goose neck converter hitch!"

Angela E. from Utah

"Gorgeous views and great riding in central Utah. Trailer pulled great in all conditions; windy, interstate traveling, and two-lane backroads at 65mph. The 3/4 ton gas truck we pull with doesn’t seem to be so outmatched any more and felt sure-footed the entire trip.  Thanks for making a great product."

Arthuro V.

"1000 miles traveled, high wind mountains (felt nothing) the trailer didn't shake at all, and my fuel economy went up by almost 5 more gallons per mile. This was money well spent."

Charles S.

"I received my hitch in perfect condition shipping was fast. The hitch was all Mike said it was! All the sway when a semi or SUV went by I did not feel. I pull a 24 ft enclosed car trailer with a 2250 lb drag car inside before I got this hitch when a vehicle went by the trailer would steer my truck not anymore with this hitch! And it's made in the USA!!! Thanks for a great hitch."

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