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Mary and myself welcome you to BP Conversions LLC. We have a product that is built with pride and commitment. We have cut no corners in craftsmanship and quality of materials. Best of all Made in Texas, USA.

I, Mike Blaschke was raised in a large family, farming was our background. At 18 I started my own life and my first pay check came from the oil and gas industry. Spent the next 45 years learning to over build anything worth building, learning many engineering tactics in the joining of metal pipe and it’s components.

My father was a manager of a small oil field in Bonnie View Texas. We lived in company housing along with my mother who raised seven sons and one daughter.

I self-taught myself to weld when I was 14 years old. I soon learned that I could just about build anything if I needed it. I didn’t have the money to buy some of these things, they were just too expensive. Things like trailers, pipe fencing, cattle pens, and of course BBQ pits. I made farming equipment for some of the local farmers/ranchers as well. It became a side job that I really liked doing.

So, here’s what we all know, necessity is the mother of all inventions. No less for BP Conversions, LLC.

 I had bought a new HUV and wanted to take it to the beach. I had a bumper pull RV and wanted to pull tandem with the HUV on a second trailer but I had concerns of sway on the back of the RV. Living south of Houston and wanting to travel through to the Bolivar Peninsula, I designed the new conversion to allow me to pull tandem with greater ease and the confidence that I had better control over my pull.

I enjoyed the experience so much I wanted to share it with others. Not to just pull in tandem, but to have a relaxed and comfortable experience in pulling their RV. Not a white-knuckle nightmare.

I have been blessed by my Heavenly Father in many ways. Learning to apply all the tools he has given me to the best that I know.


Thanks for considering BP Conversions LLC.

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