When ordering contact us so we can evaluate the type of hitch you have. This way we can get the right mounting brackets in your order.


BP Conversions designs all the conversions to factory equipped trucks. 

Bumper Pull Converter
  • BPC’s only product to date is our conversion.

  • It is made of mild steel with a tensile strength => 35000 lbs.

  • A 10000 lbs calculated rating by a certified engineering firm. 

  • All welds meet standard welding procedures.

  • The conversion is designed to SAE J2638 

  • Prepared with a  gooseneck coupler, rated at 20000 lbs.

  • Primed and powder coated to 15 ml. finish.

  • Completely wired for ease of installation.

  • Equipped with 2 5/16” ball.

  • Total weight=325 lbs.

  • Price: $2500 + shipping